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You might have thought: “Here is one of the hundreds of traveling agencies which advertising pages are flooded with colorful offers to see the beauties of European countries, ancient history of the countries of American continent and to have an unprecedented rest in exotic regions”. But don’t hurry your conclusions.
Of course, if you wish, we can help you to get to any place in the world. However, in the thousand-big ocean of traveling agencies we are a traveling company which priority is the beauty, history and individuality of the Slavic world and, primarily, that of Ukraine.
If you want to know and change the world, know thyself. If you want to know or, possibly, change yourself – learn the land where you were born and where you live. This is the major creed of our small but tight-knit team.
If you are willing to know a Slavic soul, its vexation and optimism, its generosity and conflict, put out with us to a never-ending journey called “To love and know, hope and believe”.
We offer you to touch upon the history of Kyiv – the city built by people, but planned by God. People of dozens of nationalities believed it to be their motherland. Its history like mosaics is composed of historical smalts of various peoples. This international city is surprisingly national. Visit “Excursions, Kyiv” page at our site and you will be astonished – how much you don’t know about the city where you live.
If you have several free days and large willingness to make the most of them and get pleasure –go to our page “Weekend tours” … You are surprised, aren’t you?
You can attend Yumorina (festival of humor) in Odessa, celebrate 300th anniversary of the Poltava battle in Poltava and 200th anniversary of the birth of Nikolay Gogol at the fair in Sorochintsy, visit the brynza festival in the Carpathians. The city of lion, with its centre protected by UNESCO, “the empire of Potozkys”, the estates of Branitskys, Galagans, Tereshchenkos, Kharitonenkos, Tarnovskys, the castles in the Western Ukraine.
Three of the six lavras existing in the world are situated in Ukraine. Being either an orthodox Christian or a layperson – you’ll find here the source of spiritual power in the proper and figurative sense of the word, souse in the holly waters of the Christian faith.
The land of Ukraine united people of different nationalities, consequently, people of various faiths. We will grant you the opportunity to visit churches and cathedrals, synagogues and catholic churches. We’ll tell you who built and who sponsored the construction, who decorated and who protected the houses dedicated to Gods created by humans.
Our traveling agency will help you to travel in time and space: You will be able to travel over “The golden necklace” of the ancient Russian towns, over the ancient castles of “The Golden horseshoe”, to see the precious placer of Malorussia palaces and parks, Cossack sotnia and regiment settlements.
We’ll provide you the opportunity to have a rest at the Black Sea, at the Sea of Azov and at the Shatskiye Lakes, to walk along the paths and to fly along the pistes in the Carpathian mountains, to heal in sanatoriums, rest homes, vacation hotels in the Crimea and the Carpathians so that you get ready for further journeys.
”Schoolchildren tours” page at our site offers a list of excursions, journeys, hiking tours and recreation camps for your children. We would like to contribute our mite to upbringing of our future generation. That is why our firm offers excursions not only to the motherland of Ukrainian poets, writers, singers and scientists, but also to Pushkinogorye, Yasnaya Polyana, Spasskoye-Lutovinovo, Konstantinovo. History of our northern neighbors is our history too!
When we welcome tourists from India they see their Purushu on our clay pots, Chinese tourists see Yin-Yang symbols: our ornaments are congenial to many people, this is only the five-thousand-year-old binocular that has been found only on this land yet.
You don’t understand what we are talking about, do you? Then join us and let’s go to the cradle of the ancient culture called “Tripolye”. When you touch live clay of the ancient world, you’ll believe Dokia Gumenna saying: “Like-minded people lived in the vast expanses of Eurasia”.
Let this thought be a determinant in our, as always, hard times. Let’s decorate our life with journeys!
Nowadays, it isn’t difficult to find a traveling agency. It is more difficult to make a choice. We hope that you choose Astreya Kievskaya traveling agency.



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